A customized or personalized product could be anything from the online shop to an idea you have for something unique.

We can personalize any product from the online shop to fit your needs. Just tell us what you want different or what purpose it is for and we will come up with a unique customized product.

We can also make entirely new products, like a guestbook or seating cards for your wedding, or perhaps you are getting a baby and you would like a personal baby album to put all those memorable moment is. Even if you own a business and you would like some promotional gifts or anniversary gifts for you clients or personnel, we can help you with a great idea. Maybe even as a Christmas gift.

The prices of course are different with each order, depending on the amount you order and the complexity of the designs. But trust us to give you a clear price, not just billable ours and unclear expectations. We will make you an offer at front, once we discussed what your order will be. So you will know exactly what the price will be, before you make a decision.nnFor any questions, information or orders, you can use the contact form below or send us an email.nnLet’s make your gift or special memory even more special and personal!


Now, about those prices. For some ideas we can’t exactly tell you a specific price, like we said before, but we can tell you a little about how it works.

When you choose to customize a product from the online shop, it will just be the costs of that product (like the price in the online shop) and the design costs (just one amount per design). You can see those prices below.

For the other products that we’ll be inventing with you, it will be a little bit the same. When it is a product that is made from paper, we will just look at something comparable in the online shop and base our products price on that. The designing costs will be the same as with any other personalized product, a fixed amount per design (see the price below).

When you choose for a entirely different product, with other materials, we will have to investigate first. This can be done together or you can leave it up to us. We will search for the best price to quality ratio and go from there. The design costs will stay the same of course.

Another possibility is to just go for a customized or personalized design. You can use this design to make anything you like. If you like this possibility just fill out the form below or email us.

New Design

* new design (illustration, logo, lay out, etc.)
* customizing existing product (with new design)
* new product with paper
* new product without paper
(print on T-shirt or bag)
* etc.

Product costs:

€0.75 >
(price depending on product)
Design costs:

(price for one design)
Existing design

* customizing existing product (with other existing design or text)
* new product with paper
* new product without paper
(print on T-shirt or bag)
* customizing existing product with your own design (company logo, child’s drawing, text, etc.)

Product costs:

€0.75 >
(price depending on product)
Design costs:

(price for one or more designs)

Visit the online shop for more inspiration and price indications.


These are some examples of customized products.
You can also choose a totally new design, different design out of the online shop or combine some designs.

Text and color can be changed as well.
Just imagine how you would like the product to look with any of the designs you find in the online shop.
You can also combine any of these designs with a new design.


If you would like to place an order for a customized product or you would like some more information, you can fill out the form below.
Just tell us what you would like or what you’re thinking about and we will give you all the information you would like to know before you decide.

Filling out the form is without any obligation.
No need to fill this in when it is not a business order.