Basically we have two different custom made products.

ONE: Personalized Cards
Like birth cards, marriage invitations, save-the-date cards and so much more.

Whether you’re having a baby or getting married or something else that needs a special card, everything can be designed to fit your personal taste.

The price is very clear and contains a sum of the amount of cards and how many designs you need.

All cards will be printed on handmade and recycled paper and the envelopes are included.

For more information and prices see this page!

TWO: Customized Products
Like personal gifts, guestbooks, promotional gifts, company give-a-ways, dinner menu’s and so much more.

Besides all the nice products you see in the online shop, there is also an option to make any product more personal.

A customized design on our products could be a nice personal present to someone special or as a welcome gift or maybe as a give-a-way for your personnel or promotional gift.

For more information and prices see this page!


These are some examples of personalized cards. It will give you an idea of the cards we can make for you.

All products are made with handmade and recycled paper.